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ABRSM launches new online exam booking and digital marking service

1 year ago

ABRSM, the world’s leading provider of music education resources, has this week launched new digital systems to offer more flexibility and an improved service for customers. The systems, which have been developed during the past three years, will transform the exam booking process for teachers, candidates and parents, dramatically improving their overall experience and ensuring that results are received far more quickly by teachers and learners.

Michael Elliott, Chief Executive of ABRSM, commented: “Our new exam booking system is designed to offer more choice and flexibility to our valued customers, who rightly expect to have greater control of exam arrangements and to choose an appointment that’s convenient to them. For practical (instrumental and singing) exams, our new online booking service allows our customers to choose their exam date and venue and to then change an appointment if necessary – subject, of course, to availability.

Also, starting in the UK and Ireland, all our examiners will now be equipped with a tablet device and will be ‘writing’ exam mark forms using our specially designed app. The new digital mark forms will be clear to read and easy to download, print and share. The app will also make an audio recording of every exam. These significant developments will allow us to manage exams, investigate queries and process results far more efficiently, dramatically reducing the time between an exam and results being received.”

ABRSM operates in 93 countries globally and the new systems will be rolled out to all of them by mid-2021, following the initial UK and Ireland launch.

Michael Elliott added: “ABRSM has invested significant time and resources in the development of these eagerly awaited improvements to our customer service. In the long term, our investment in new technology will allow us to launch exciting new services, new assessments and new digital resources far more quickly than before, all with the aim of supporting our mission to inspire musical achievement”.

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