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What’s a Contact ID?

Everyone using our online booking service is given a unique Contact ID. This allows us to identify individuals in our system.

Applicants (the person who books exams) will be given a Contact ID when they set up an account. Candidates will be given a Contact ID once they’ve been entered for an exam through our online service. Contact IDs will appear on all communications about exam bookings and results.

How do I use a Contact ID?

If you are an applicant, you will not need to use your Contact ID to book exams. However, it is important that you make a note of the Contact IDs for all your candidates. Once a candidate has a Contact ID it should be entered, along with their date of birth, every time an exam booking is made for them. This will keep the candidate's records up to date (including access arrangements and prerequisites), link their exam bookings and make it quicker to enter their details when booking new exams.

Candidates should also enter their Contact ID if they register and create their own account, or if a parent/carer wants to do this on their behalf.

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