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How to register and create your ABRSM account

Before you book exams, you will need to register and create an ABRSM account.

You need to do this even if you have an ABRSM applicant number. If you do have an applicant number, please enter this along with the surname from your existing ABRSM account. This will allow us to link your old and new accounts together. For Visit Organisers, it will allow us to add any pre-approved venues to the new account.

1. Click ‘Login’ at the top of the page or click here.

2. Select your ‘Territory’ to tell us where you live. Start to type in the box to make this quicker and save scrolling through the list. Click ‘OK’ to continue.

3. Complete all the fields marked with a red asterisk. You may find the following information useful:

Username and password - create a memorable username and password. Your username cannot be your email address or include the @ symbol. It must also be unique. You will be prompted to try again if someone else has already taken a username.

Email verification - You will need to do this once you have entered you email address in order to complete your registration.  Click 'Send Verification Code' and you will receive a code via email. The email will be from ‘Microsoft on behalf of abrsmglobalb2c'. Enter the code in the ‘Verification Code’ box and click ‘Verify code’. Once your email address has been verified successfully you can complete the rest of the form, including adding your name and date of birth.

Date of birth - We use your date of birth, along with other personal information you supply, to create a unique and secure record for you.

Contact ID/Applicant Number: for applicants - if you have previously booked ABRSM exams and know your applicant number, enter it here. If you haven’t booked ABRSM exams before, leave this blank. Once you’ve created your account we will give you a Contact ID which allows us to identify you in our system.

Contact ID: for candidates - Candidates will be given a Contact ID once they’ve been entered for an exam. If a candidate (parent/carer) wishes to create an account, they should enter this Contact ID along with their date of birth when they register. Contact IDs appear on all communications about exam bookings and results.

4. Once you’ve completed the form, tick the ‘Privacy Policy’ box to confirm you’ve read our Privacy Policy, which explains how we will use your personal information. Then click 'Register’.

5. Complete your marketing preferences to tell us how we can contact you in the future. To receive the latest marketing updates about our products and services, please opt in.

6. Click 'Save and continue' to create your account.

Candidate accounts – optional

Candidates can register and create an account, even if they have not made the booking themselves. Parents/carers can create this account on behalf of a child, but the account must be in the child's name.

Candidate accounts are optional, but having an account means that a candidate can log in to view information about their exams, change practical appointments at Public Venues, and view their results and practical mark forms seven days after we have released them to the applicant.

How to create a candidate account

If the applicant includes the candidate (parent/carer) email address in their exam booking, the candidate (parent/carer) will automatically receive an email confirming the booking and asking if they would like to create an account. The email will include a link to the registration page. This email will also include the candidate’s Contact ID, which they need to enter when they create their account.

Alternatively, once an exam has been booked, the candidate (parent/carer) can request the candidate’s Contact ID from the applicant. The candidate (parent/carer) can then go to our website to register and create an account.

Candidate accounts must be created in the candidate’s name, and their Contact ID and date of birth should be entered where requested. This is to make sure we can create a unique record for the candidate, which links their existing and future exam bookings.

Find out more about Contact IDs.

How to register and create your new account

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