Latest Exam News: Updated 17 June

Rescheduling practical exams at Public Venues

Once the booking period has closed and we have published appointment times, applicants (and candidates with an account) can log in and change an appointment. You can change an exam appointment up to 48 hours before the original exam date.

When you log in and view your exam bookings there will be a clock icon next to each candidate/exam. If you click on the clock icon you can search for alternative available appointments. You will only be able to view appointment slots that are more than 48 hours ahead and that are equal to or longer than the length of your exam. For example, if your exam appointment is 15 minutes long, you will only be able to see alternative appointments of 15 minutes or more. Once you have found a suitable alternative appointment, you can move the candidate/exam into the new slot.

Alternative practical appointments at Public Venues are offered subject to availability. Candidates with Public Venue appointments are not allowed to transfer their exam to a Private Visit. If the Public Venue booking period is open a Private Visit appointment can be cancelled, subject to our Cancellation Policy, and a new booking made for the Public Venue.

We will no longer be offering a change of appointment service through our customer service team. Instead, applicants (and candidates with an account) can log in, search for alternative exam slots and move an exam into a new available time.

Once we have confirmed your practical Public Venue appointment (including the time) you can log in to your account to reschedule the exam. You can do this up to 48 hours/two full days before the start of the exam day. For example, if a candidate’s appointment is on a Friday at 3:00pm, you would have until 11.59pm on the previous Tuesday to log in and reschedule the exam. Or if the exam is on a Monday at 10.00am, you would have until 11.59pm on the previous Friday.

When you reschedule you will only be able to move the exam to a day that is at least 48 hours/two full days ahead. For example, if you log in to reschedule on a Monday, you will only be able to see and select appointments from Thursday onwards. The timetables for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be closed.

As it is less than 48 hours/two full days before the start of the exam day, you will not be able to reschedule the appointment. If your pupil is unable to attend, please see our Withdrawals, Non-attendance and Fee Refund Policy.

We can only offer an alternative exam appointment if a suitable slot is available. Availability will change over time, from the point at which we confirm appointments until 48 hours/two full days before the final day of the exam session. If you can’t find a suitable alternative at first, we recommend that you try again later or on a different day. Other applicants and candidates will be rescheduling or cancelling exams, so timetables and availability will change on a daily basis.

You won’t be able to change the order of your candidates. This is to ensure that the examiner’s breaks take place at the correct times, and that we make the most efficient use of the exam day.

Yes, as long as there is a free space of the right length available. If you log in to your account you will be able to select the candidate and see if there is a space available in the afternoon. If there is no space available you could widen your search to look for spaces on different days or at different venues. You can do this up to 48 hours/two full days ahead of the start of the exam day.

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