Amendments to our certificate reprint service (updated November 2021)

For certificate reprints for exams taken between 1994 and 2019 , please allow up to three months to receive your replacement certificate once you’ve made the request.

*All certificate reprints are temporarily free of charge until further notice.

Certificate amendment and replacement service

Exams from 1994 onwards

If there are mistakes on a certificate or a certificate has been damaged or lost we can provide a replacement. This service is temporarily free of charge until further notice. 

  • This service is free of charge up to three months from the date of the exam. After three months, we charge a fee.*
  • We will not reissue certificates until 28 days after the original despatch date to allow for delivery delays.
  • This service is available by email only.

How to request a certificate amendment or replacement

  • Amendments: clearly write the amendment on the certificate, take a scan or photo (small or medium sized) and email it to: [email protected]. We send replacements to the applicant who booked the exam.
  • Lost or damaged certificates: email details to [email protected]. Include the applicant and candidate Contact IDs where available and as much information about the exam as possible.

For exams taken between 1994 and 2019, please provide a postal address for sending certificates.

Confirmation of marks service

We can provide a written confirmation of marks for any candidate who has passed an ABRSM exam.  Confirmation is provided in a PDF letter by email. This service is free of charge.

Please note, we only confirm results to the applicant (the person who booked the exam) and the candidate (if they have an ABRSM account), and at least eight weeks after the original certificate despatch date (see our Exam Regulations, 18f).

How to request a confirmation of marks letter

Email details of the exam to [email protected]. Include the applicant and candidate Contact IDs where available and as much information about the exam(s) as possible.

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